Professional Coaching – Your Career

From: 200.00 CHF

We offer coaching sessions from 45 min to 90 min. You can choose the length of the session when booking.


You’ll meet with one or two Salt coaches focused on your career, professional image, LinkedIn profile, CV, your problems and their solutions, and your goals. You may take a Professional Personality Test to help you understand how you function at work. Support, encouragement, ideation, and problem solving with a trusted team-mate or two who serve as sounding boards and can help prep you for difficult conversations, performance reviews, interviews, and thriving at work. We can look together at a specific career objective, challenging situation, or problem while we define and reach desired outcomes. You’ll learn how to best showcase your accomplishments, network with purpose, partner for accountability, and create success. You’ll define short and long term visions that drive enthusiasm and motivation like you have never experienced.


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