Everyone knows that sensitive announcements and big changes in companies require a communications strategy both internally, with clients, and sometimes with the public and press. Additionally, communications strategies can be used by individuals, teams, and all sizes of businesses to save time and money, increase sales, build a strong brand, create positive & cohesive teams, close deals, improve customer service, heal & strengthen relationships, reduce spam, and elevate thinking, speaking, and writing skills & quality.  Effective communications improve business, work experiences, and the atmosphere in teams. How do you feel your employees and customers should relate to your business, services, and products? How would you like your brand to be linked to values? What does stronger performance mean for you and your organization? How is your business perceived by team members, clients, users, and the public? Communications consultants help you see where to increase productivity and efficiency through how you communicate and through the communication habits of your organization. In an era of the constant flow of social media, edutainment, TED Talks, and sophisticated consumers, every business, event, and project needs communications expertise.

Salt’s Communications Consultancy Can Help You & Your Company

Communicate More Effectively with Your Team

Refine Your Online Presence and Personal Brand

With Speech Writing and Blog Writing

Evaluate & Optimize Communications Flow

Design and Implement Social Media Campaigns

Prepare for and Participate in Difficult Conversations

Excel at Speaking through Speaker Coaching

Do Communications Forensics on What is Not Working

Focus on Manners and Meaning Across Cultures

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