A Taste of Salt

Denise Nickerson is an Author, Educational Consultant, Guidance Counselor, Coach, and Super-Connector. She leads international, and globally-minded people through the labyrinth of education, networking, and creativity resources to ignite happiness, success, and authentic self-expression. She guides leaders, managers, and teams towards creative idea flow and improved productivity through strengthening communication channels. She is a thought-provoking speaker who is passionate about curiosity, the brain, personality at work, and vocation. Her clients love experiencing momentum towards their purpose, positive impact, and contribution to the world.

Michelle Guiliano is an Innovator, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Business Development and Strategy Consultant, Coach, and Sports Enthusiast. She prefers to lead teams from within and is a catalyst in the creation of high-performance culture wherever she works. Energy, enthusiasm, and creativity fuel her rapid assessment of opportunities, resources, and solutions to bring teams and companies into practical, actionable, alignment with their vision. Skills from endurance sports inform her coaching practice. She collaborates with executive clients on guidelines, attitudes and habits that make measurable difference in streamlining the path to excellence.


Michele Soavi


« I had the opportunity to attend a workshop hosted by Denise and Michelle in Geneva during the G3iD. They were bringing on stage what is frequently missing on the corporate environment: authentic self-expression and love. And once you can rely on these elements, the outcome of the conversation can be amazing! »


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