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Mumta Ito, Founder and President, Nature's Rights

Michelle and Denise really go the extra mile - not only did they coach our team with passion to serve the cause of Nature’s Rights - but they also participated fully in our team activities and contributed well beyond the call of duty. I personally have experienced a radical shift in how I perceive the business of our non-profit organization and have much more clarity about how to serve my personal needs whilst serving the mission.

Executive Coaching


An international woman in her 30s working in the pharmaceutical industry & transitioning to entrepreneurship in Geneva, Switzerland

Michelle Guiliano is the female equivalent to Tony Robbins - only better!

 Michelle is an excellent, powerful, coach and mentor who is guaranteed to bring value to whatever issue you may bring her. There are many great aspects that set her apart from other coaches, what makes her such a powerful coach is perhaps the combination of them all. Some of these aspects are; her intent focus and presence, profound perception, and business skills. She not only will make you feel understood, she will also help you broaden your perspective, deepen your compassion as well as guide you towards the most strategically effective and powerful solution that fits you, your situation, and the overall long-term outcome.

 Having tried various coaches, I felt as there was something missing. I was looking for a female Tony Robbins, and found her in Michelle Guiliano.

Muneera Kuru, Founder & Director of MKK Styles Interior Design

"I had a fabulous meeting with Denise and Michelle from Salt Consulting. We shared this amazing coaching session where I now have clarity on my project, a vision of next steps and a mission that I am excited about! Something that I was unsure of, slightly nervous about, Denise and Michelle made sense of it and directed me onto a path of understanding. The heavy cloud has been lifted and I see my next steps so clearly. 1,2,3 and breathe! Many thanks Denise and Michelle!"


Michele Soavi

"I had the opportunity to attend a workshop hosted by Denise and Michelle in Geneva during the G3iD. They were bringing on stage what is frequently missing on the corporate environment: authentic self-expression and love. And once you can rely on these elements, the outcome of the conversation can be amazing!"

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