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Daniel Vukovic is a professional hockey player, currently playing with the Genève-Servette Hockey Club.   He has played 8 seasons with the GSHC and over 400 games of professional hockey and is the assistant captain.  With GSHC he has won the Spengler Cup twice, and recently won it a third time, while playing with the Canadian team.  Prior to moving to Europe from Canada, Daniel played NCAA hockey for Michigan State University where along with this teammates, he also won the NCAA Championship.

Dan complements his pro career helping youth as an assistant coach and as a volunteer working with school kids teaching them how to skate and play hockey – while also teaching kids the about the discipline and joy of playing sport.

Dan feels strongly that outside his family, the various coaches he has had over the years have had the greatest impact in developing not only his career but have also helped developed who he is as a human being.

Nicolas is a former top ranked Swiss tennis player, national tennis coach for 15 years, and author of the book “Beat the Loser”. Today, he works with athletes, clubs, coaches and businesses to help them achieve their objectives, and improve performances - both in their private, business and sporting lives.

“Tomorrow's success is prepared today. Because performance is precise balance between the mind, the body and the heart.”
Nicolas Von Burg.

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